International Mountain Day 2023

Celebrating the International Mountain Day – 11th Dec 2023

GGIM is the brainchild of India’s leading mountaineering club Giripremi and for the past many years, Giripremi in association with GGIM has been celebrating International Mountain Day on 11th Dec 2023.  This year, the celebration happened with a theme – ‘Restoring the Mountain Ecosystems’. Under this theme, we have developed a nice short video clip to create awareness among students about the importance of mountains and their ecosystem. 

We are collaborating with at least 50 schools in our city and showing them films to create awareness for the mountain restoration.

The IMD Celebration Glimpses


Giripremi Club, in association with several schools in and around Pune, commemorated International Mountain Day on December 11, 2023, by launching a documentary film focusing on this year’s theme, “Restoring the Mountain Ecosystems.” The aim was to raise awareness about the critical need to restore and conserve mountain ecosystems globally. Through this initiative Giripremi could reach out to over 6000 students of the City of Hills – Pune


Initiative Details:

The documentary film, directed by Giripremi Club, served as a pivotal tool to enlighten students and communities about the importance of mountain ecosystems. Following the screening, students from participating schools took a solemn pledge to actively engage in the movement to restore these fragile ecosystems.


Community Engagement:

The initiative witnessed an enthusiastic response from schools, with more institutions expressing interest in joining the cause. Presently, efforts are underway to involve a targeted 50 schools in and around Pune City to amplify the awareness about International Mountain Day and the pressing necessity to restore mountain ecosystems.


Future Goals:

Giripremi Club aims to expand its reach further, striving to engage additional schools and communities beyond Pune City. The objective is to foster a collective commitment toward preserving mountain ecosystems by educating and involving a larger demographic in this noble cause.



The collaborative efforts of Giripremi Club, in partnership with numerous schools, signify a growing momentum and commitment towards restoring the mountain ecosystems. This initiative aligns with the United Nations’ mission on sustainable development and environmental conservation, aiming to protect these vital ecological systems for future generations.


The relentless pursuit of Giripremi Club and the collective engagement of schools symbolize a unified dedication to the cause of preserving our mountains, ultimately contributing to a sustainable and healthier planet.


List of Schools that participated in the initiative :


Aaryans World School, KatrajDhole patil School for ExcellenceN.M.V. primary SchoolPGKM School Kondhwa
Aaryans World School, WarjeHorizon Englisdh Medium schoolNew Wisdom International School, WadebolhaiRamanbaug Highschool
Abhinav Education Society’s Abhinav English SchoolJnana Prabodhini Prashala, PuneORCHIDS international school, HinjewadiSanskriti School, Bhukum
Abhinav School, KatrajLexicon School ORCHIDS international School, NigdiSanskriti School, Undri
Akshara international School, WakadMate SchoolORCHIDS international School,TathawdeSanskriti School, Wagholi
City Pride School, NigdiMillenium National SchoolPawar public School, HinjewadiSevasadan English Medium School
DES’s Ahilyadevi High School for GirlsMSB Educational Institute KndhwaPawar public School, Nanded CityVidyangan School