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Introduction – Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan
Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan is a yearlong adventure education curriculum for school kids. Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering (GGIM) has launched a comprehensive, five staged outdoor adventure education programme Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan (ANU). It is for school children of age group 10-16 years to promote adventure education among youth. ANU programme works in 5 different levels. Each participant first enrolls in level 1: Avhaan, and based on yearly performance, participation, qualifies for next level in the next year.

Avhaan (level 1) 

Avhaan Advance (level 2) 

Nirmaan (level 3)

Nirmaan Advance  (level 4) 

Udaan (Level 5)

The curriculum for this programm spans over 10 months, which has outdoor activities for every 8 months, 3-4 days camping session in Diwali vacation and a 10-12 days Himalaya Trek in summer vacation. At the end of the programme, GGIM will certify all participants for successful completion of the programme. Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan runs under the guidance of Giripremi‘s qualified and experienced mountaineers and instructors.

Due to immense response from the enthusiastic kids and their parents, GGIM launched ANU in Mumbai-Thane in June 2018. ANU now runs successfully in Thane- Mumbai too..

Enrollment Procedure for Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan:

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, this year (2020) the registration process will be different that the earlier years. The new ways and new methods, shall be discussed and explained in the launch meeting. Previously registered students can simply pay the yearly registration fees for the next level admission.

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