Lectures and Seminars

Lectures and Seminars

Mountaineering Seminars

Several mountaineering veterans are associated with Giripremi. They love to share the information and knowledge they possess about mountaineering. Giripremi organizes seminars and bridges the gap between mountain enthusiasts and mountaineering veterans. The variety of topics including high-altitude mountaineering, first aid, expeditions on new routes in Himalayan peaks, etc. are covered under such seminars. Giripremi has been organizing intellectual seminars for the last three decades which have been empowering the generations.

Lectures in Schools and Colleges

Giripremi’s veteran mountaineers, Everesters and several other skilled climbers visit schools and colleges across the country and motivate students with their mountaineering experiences and anecdotes. Till today, Giripremi team members have visited more than 100 schools and colleges in India and help enthusiast students to inculcate adventure in their lifestyle.

Corporate Sessions

Corporates and industries are the backbones of the country’s economy. Working for large industries, running giant companies is no less than climbing a mountain. Giripremi’s mountaineers and Everester have designed special interactive programs for corporates which help employees to rejuvenate themselves in routine life. The experiences and anecdotes of renowned mountaineers and actual camping sessions in the mountains have helped hundreds of corporate employees in re-energizing.