Giripremi Scripts History by scaling Mt. Manda I

After a long wait of 30 years, Giripremi team scales Mt. Manda I in Kedarganga valley of Garhwal Himalayas in Gangotri Region. 

Back in 1989 and again in 1991, Giripremi’s veteran mountaineers Umesh Zirpe, Avinash Foujdar, Sanjay Doiphode, Jagdish Chafekar,  Jitendra Handedeshmukh, Maharashtra’s First Everest Summitter Surendra Chavan had attempted the peak. Despite methodical preparations and planning, the team had to retreat twice from 6000 m point. A narrow junction of two coinciding ridges was the last hurdle that remained unattained at that time. 

30 years after, Umesh Zirpe forged a next generation team, led by Everest and Kangchenjunga summitter Anand Mali. The expedition took place during Aug-Sept 2021. On 14th Sept 2021, Anand Mali, Varun Bhagwat, Rohan Desai, Ruturaj Agawane, and Ankit Sohoni scaled Mt. Bhrigu Parvat, and did a thorough recconaiscence of Mt. Manda I. 

Their findings proved vital as on 18th Sept Dr. Sumit Mandale, Vivek Shivade, and Pawan Hadole alongwith Mingma Sherpa and Nim Dorje Sherpa topped on Mt. Manda I and brought content to the unfinished Manda I chronicles.