Ashish Mane's Fifth Successful 8000er Expedition - Mt. Kangchenjunga

Ashish, who hails from Satara, became part of Giripremi back in 2009. His indefatigable strength & dedication to the sport, paved ways for his seat in Giripremi’s biggest civilian expedition to Mt. Everest. 

Ashish Mane Giripremi

He was then the youngest member of the team and performed exceptionally in his debut ascent. In the subsequent year, he got a chance to climb another 8000er – Mt. Lhotse, fourth highest mountain in the world. It was slightly lesser in altitude than Everest but seemingly challenging in terms of treachrous rock climbing in the last section. On 17th May 2013, Ashish scaled world’s 4th highest mountain.

Ashish Mane Giripremi

Immediately next year, Ashish made a brave attempt on Mt. Makalu. the first attempt failed but he didnt give up. Without wasting much time, he pushed harder again and finally within 5 days, reached the top of 5th highest mountain in the world. 

Sadly during Dhaulagiri ascent, he suffered due to stomach aches and had to return from camp 2, but in the subsequent year of 2017, Ashish achieved another 8000er summit – Mt. Manaslu. 

Mt. Manaslu was his fourth 8000er ascent and the big challenge of Mt. Kangchenjunga was awaiting for him. Giripremi planned Mt. Kangchenjunga Eco Expedition 2019 in Apr- May 2019. One of the most remote regions and technically challenging climb. However, in spite of many challenges, Ashish along with his 9 climbing team members, summitted Mt. Kangchenjunga on 15th May 2019. 

Such has been Ashish’s quest of 8000ers so far and Giripremi hopes that he continues to ascend higher and harder from peaks to peaks!

Ashish Mane Giripremi