Everest Book (English) launch

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Book Launch Ceremony

Pune- Everest 2012, a turning point in Giripremi and India’s mountaineering field. Giripremi organized India’s biggest successful civilian expedition to the highest mountain of the world, Mt. Everest. After Everest, a series of 8000ers, called as Quest of Eight Thousanders was launched since the Giripremi is the mountaineering only club in India to have scaled Eight – 8000er mountains: Mt. Everest- 2012, Mt. Lhotse- 2013, Mt. Makalu- 2014, Mt. Cho Oyu and Mt. Dhaulagiri- 2016, Mt. Manaslu- 2017, Mt. Kangchenjunga- 2019 and Mt. Annapurna- 2021.

We are happy to share that the story of Pune- Everest 2012 is going global. After the success of the Marathi book on the expedition, we are set to release ‘Everest- the story of India’s biggest successful civilian expedition to Everest’ in English. Vivek Shivade, a young and dynamic mountaineer and a prolific writer, has translated the book in English, originally written by Umesh Zirpe, the Leader of the expedition.

The book launch ceremony took place on Friday January 21, 2022

The program was only for invitees as per the Covid-19 norms.