Giripremi Declares Mt. Meru Expedition 2023

Giripremi’s Mt. Meru (6660m) Expedition 2023


After a grandiose success on Mt. Manda I, Giripremi sets its eyes on another Garhwal Sentinel – Mt. Meru (South). The highest of Meru massif. It is a technically challenging mountain with just two foreign ascents recorded so far. The team will undergo strenuous fitness training for a year and a special ice climbing training in Jan 2023. This is yet another mammoth project being undertaken by India’s finest club.  If Giripremi could achieve this feat, it will be a shining example for the future generations of mountaineers in India. 


We have planned this expedition to the south summit of Mt Meru (6660 m) during Aug-Sept 2023. The attempt will be made from the west face, which has never been attempted by any Indian team till date. 


The team will be led by our club’s veteran mountaineer Umesh Zirpe and consist of experienced mountaineers Wing Cdr. Devidutta Panda, Ashish Mane, Krushna Dhokle, Dr. Sumit Mandale, Vivek Shivade, Pawan Hadole, Varun Bhagwat and Akhil Katkar. The team has already begun its preparation. A small team shall go to the basecamp in the coming days for reconnaissance. So, we wholeheartedly appeal you to support this expedition, and help Giripremi achieve its dreams.  


Looking forward for your blessings, wishes and support!



Team Giripremi