Sword of Regalia to Giripremi by Indian Army Southern Command

19 July 2023

Giripremi mountaineering club was felicitated at Army Southern Command Headquarters by Lt Gen Ajay Kumar Singh, Army Commander, Army Southern Command, for its 41 years long and spectacular journey in mountaineering and its outstanding performance in the recent P Cube Mount Meru expedition.

In this special event, Army Commander Lt Gen Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manjit Kumar, General Bapat, other senior officers from Army Southern Command were present. Along with them, UshaPrabha Page, founder president Giripremi, Umesh Zirpe, leader of the Giripremi’s 8000er expedition, Everest summitter Bhushan Harshe and Kangchenjunga summitter Vivek Shivade were present.

Bhushan Harshe presented Giripremi’s long journey in mountaineering to the dignitaries. Senior officers of the Army Southern Command wholeheartedly appreciated the organization after seeing the feats achieved by Giripremi. Further, efforts of Giripremi and Southern India’s first and only Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering were deeply praised for the adventure training programmes which are conducted for various sections of society.

Giripremi was awarded the prestigious ‘Sword of Regalia’ by the Army Southern Command for its achievements so far and mainly for the extra ordinary Mt. Meru attempt. At the same time, UshaPrabha Page, Umesh Zirpe, Bhushan Harshe, and Vivek Shivade were presented with ‘Award of Excellence’.

This extra ordinary recognition of the club by Army Southern Command is an unforgettable event in the history of Giripremi. 

Lt Gen AK Singh #armycommander of Army Southern Command felicitated team #Giripremi for their extraordinary achievements & for attempting #mountmeru

An insignia of excellence ‘Sword of Regalia’

*Southern Star, A Decisive Sword of India* was presented by Lt Gen AK Singh to Giripremi Mountaineering Club.

It is an immensely proud moment for Giripremi and this grand felicitation is of everyone who firmly believed in and supported Giripremi in its 41 yearlong mountaineering journey.