Giripremi Team Climbs 41 Rock Pinnacles

Giripremi Mountaineering Club, Pune recently completed 40 years since its inception. On this occasion and to mark the start of the forty-first year, Giripremi mountaineers planned an ambitious expedition to Mt. Meru in May – June 2023 along with climbing 41 pinnacles in the Sahyadri mountain range.

The rock climbing project commenced on February 5, 2022, under the leadership of Everest summiteer Krishna Dhokle and the 41 st pinnacle as successfully climbed on February 12, 2023. During this project, Krishna Dhokle climbed 31 out of 41 pinnacles opening a new route.

Sudhagad, Sarasgad, Chanderi, Anjaneri, Trimbakeshwar, Dhak Bahiri, and Jivdhan forts are adjacent pinnacles; While Mhaismal, Badlapur Varhad, Khodkona-Methwan, Malshej Ghat, Karjat, Lingana, Tasubai in the remote areas of Sahyadri, mountaineers traditionally climbed the peaks. They climbed a total of 6085 feet in two stages on these 41 pinnacles in different localities, grades, and heights. (In the first phase 24 pinnacles were climbed in 8 days, and in the second phase 17 pinnacles were climbed in 11 days) all these pinnacles have were climbed using traditional rock climbing equipment such as Rock Pitons, Mekh, Friends, Choknuts and Ballnuts. The team consisted of 19 members: 4 climbers and 15 assistants. Everest summiteer Krishna Dhokle led the expedition and carried out the main ascent. Along with Krishna, Sachin Shah, Prashant Patil, and Dr. Pramod Patil climbed these pinnacles by the lead climbing method. Other climbers used jumaring technique to reach the summit. Dr. Guru Prasad Kulkarni was our first aid expert, while Raviraj Deshpande contributed to the planning of climbing materials.

Mahesh Kharade and Anil Bheske took charge as Base Camp Managers. Rajendra Nanamore, Omkar Burde, Mahesh Borate, Prateek Bazar, Sameer Devare, Dattatray Chaudhary, Abhijit Karwande, Shivaji Shinde, Omkar Karanjule, Shravan Kumar, Dr. Uday Zende also contributed a lot in this campaign along ith Pimpri Chinchwad Mountaineering supported the project.

The entire expedition was guided by Giripremi's senior climber and ShivChhatrapati awardee Shri. Umesh Zirpe. The expedition team consisted mainly of the first batch of DMAS (Diploma in Mountaineering & Allied Sports) student from India who had graduated last year. After completing the one-year diploma course, these students completed this expedition and they have made a special achievement in the field of mountaineering. The team went through practice sessions that were conducted on Fort Sinhagad, Fergusson hill rock quarry and Pimpri Chinchwad rock quarry for the entire year.

* Climbed 31 out of 41 pinnacles with newly opened routes

* Climbing between two stages

i) 24 pinnacles in 8 days

ii) 17 pinnacles in 11 days

* 41 pinnacles in 19 days

* Climbing in a traditional way

* Total climb of 6085 feet on all pinnacles

The team displayed great sense of gratitude to the Club and thus donated 40 rock pitons to the club on the occasion of successful expedition conclusion.