Jitendra Gaware Scales Mt. Lhotse

Another great news from the Khumbhu valley!

Giripremi’s senior mountaineer Jitendra Gaware scales world’s 4th highest mountain – Lhotse on 14th May 2022. From Giripremi he is the second climber to scale the treacherous peak that stands immediately next to Everest. 

Giripremi is proud to share this jubilant moment as this is Jitendra’s 5th 8000er summit after Kangchenjunga (2019), Manaslu (2021), Annapurna I (2021), and Everest (2021). Giripremi’s training institute – Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering is immensely happy to see another feather in its hat. Like Jay Kolhatkar, who scaled Mt. Everest on 12th May 2022, Jitendra too became a part of Giripremi through a Basic Rock Climbing Course at GGIM in 2015. Since then his mountain climbing journey had been incredible with the ascent of Mt. Nun, Mt. Cathedral before he dwelved in the world of 8000ers.His maiden 8000er ascent was Mt. Kangchenjunga in 2019 when Giripremi’s 10 climbers together had scaled one of the most difficult 8000er mountains.

With this joy and content Giripremi heartily congratulates Jitendra for his mammonth success and wish him safe return to basecamp at earliest.