Mt. Manda I Expedition Updates

Expedition Updates

18 September 2021 – The Summit!!!

Hurrraaay!!!! Giripremi team reaches to the top of Mt. Manda I at 9:40 AM. The team – Dr. Sumit Mandale, Vivek Shivade, Pawan Hadole and Minga & Nim Dorje Sherpa left camp 2 at 10:00 PM on 17th Sept for the final dash. After dealing with a trecherous knife edge ridge, cold winds and steep ascents, at 9:40 AM in the morning of 18th, all five of them reached to the top of the mountain and brought glory to the club it had been craving for past 30 years.

15 September 2021

Received message from Mama, the weather is better today, so all are having good time at base camp and camp 2. The bhrigu parvat team is resting at base camp. Camp 2 team will wait for today for the snow to be settled and move further tomorrow.  The forecast for weather is good for next 5 days, so they shall do the maximum climbing in this span and aim for the summit.

07 September 2021:

@3.30 pm, all the team members have successfully reached to the Base Camp. This morning, Vivek and Pawan along with Ming ma sherpa opened the route 200 meters above camp 2 but due to snow-fall, they have to stop and turn back. Looking at the weather conditions, team has decided to come back to BC and rest for 2-3 days. So now the will rest at Base Camp for 2 days and then plan further movement.

04 September 2021:

@ 2.00 pm: Team A- consisting of Anand Mali, Pawan Hadole, Vivek Shivade and Dr. Sumit Mandale has reached Camp 1 and rest of the team has started back to Base Camp.

03 September 2021:  

Route till camp 1 is opened and fixed, team will occupy the camp tomorrow. 

01 September 2021:

The team has completed one load ferry till Advance Base Camp and now they would be shifting base camp to the Advance base camp for the ease in operations. 

30th August 2021: 

The team reached the base camp safely with entire logistics of the expedition. All the members are fit and fine. After a day’s rest team will start ferrying the loads to Advance Base Camp.

29th August 2021:

Team started from Gangotri in the morning.

28th August 2021:

Team started from Harshil this morning and reached Gangotri in the evening by the road travel.   

Current Position of the team
Team scaling up to the junction. over 3000 ft drop in the chidbasa valley is seen in behind
Team above the junction inching towards the summit