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In pursuit of ‘Quest of 8000ers’, Giripremi planned a third consecutive expedition to world’s 5th highest mountain Makalu. 

Ashish Mane and Anand Mali under Umesh Zirpe’s leadership set forth for this ambitious climb during Apr-May 2013. 

The first attempt did not lead to success as the ropes fell short near the summit. The ascent was terrifyingly challenging with crux of rocky section above summit camp. The season was about to finish and many of the other climbers were planning for departure with no luck.

In spite of the gloomy basecamp conditions, uncertainty of weather, Anand and Ashish were determined for a reattempt. Finally, on 25th May Ashish Mane reached the summit of Makalu and Giripremi’s third consecutive 8000er ascent became successful. Unfortunately, Anand Mali had to return from summit camp due to shortage of Oxygen cylinders.  


  • Fifth highest mountain in the world.
  • Makalu was first summited on May 15, 1955 by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy of a French expedition led by Jean Franco.
  • The mountain is notorious for its steep pitches and knife-edged ridges that are completely open to the elements. The final ascent of the summit pyramid involves technical rock/ice climbing.

Leader – Umesh Zirpe

Team Members – Ashish Mane, Anand Mali

Base Camp Manager – Ajit Tate 

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8481 m

Date of Summit


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Giripremi awe’s success of this third consecutive 8000er expeditions to world’s fifth highest mountain to all those who supported Giripremi in it spursuit.

Special thanks to Vidya Valley School & Cubix Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. for standing by Anand Mali & Ashish Mane respectively. 

Ashish reaching at the top of Mt. Makalu
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Summit of Mt. Makalu

Giripremi's Makalu Summit
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Mt. Makalu Expedition Launched by Giripremi

Mt. Makalu Expedition Launched by Giripremi
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