Mt. Nalini Expedition (5268m)

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In the year 2015, Giripremi explored new unclimbed mountain peak 5268 near Hamta Pass region of Himachal Pradesh.

Team of seven members led by Anand Mali, Giripremi’s one of the seniormost members set forth for this ambitious climb in June 2015.

It was a joint expedition where in senior members of Giripremi were attempting formidable Mt. Indrasan which was in the vicinity of peak 5268. Thus, both the expeditions had a common basecamp at Shiyagoru.

The team comprised of debutant Pawan Hadole, Sanket Dhotre and Aniket Kulkarni; while Kiran Salastekar and Bhushan Shet had a brief expeditionary experience in Mt. Hanuman Tibba. 

on 28th June 2015, entire team made it to the top of Peak 6268. 

  • Giripremi’s first ever successful virgin peak climb
  • The peak named ‘Mt. Nalini’ in the honour of Nalini Sengupta, the principal of Vidya Valley School Pune. 

Leader – Anand Mali

Team Members – Bhushan Shet,  Kiran Salastekar, Aniket Kulkarni, Sanket Dhotre, Pawan Hadole

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5268 m

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A true adventurer at heart, Nalini Sengupta pursued mountaineering when the sport was dominated by a few men or army personnel. 

She was the participant of first ever women basic mountaineering course and was awarded as best participant for her exemplary contribution. 

Even today, as the principal, she encourages and promotes adventure sport in the school and strongly believes that the adventure education plays an instrumental role in pushing the society forward. To honour her contribution towards adventure and mountaineering, Giripremi planned, successfully summitted and named the peak 5268 as ‘Mt. Nalini’.

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