Akshay Patke - Giripremi's new 8000er summitter

Akshay came to Giripremi back in 2012 with a zeal to pursue mountaineering. He is a mechanical engineer but an ardent mountaineer. In Giripremi he is famously known as ‘Akelavya’ – a disciple so motivated and so devoted to his goals. 

He has been part of Mt. Hanuman Tibba, Mt. Indrasan, and Mt. Dhaulagiri expeditions. 

In Sahyadri, he has made numerous ascents on Duke’s Nose, Wanarlingi, Tail Baila. 

After so much of efforts, experience and dedication, Akshay got an opportunity to be part of Manaslu team and he proved the trust Giripremi bestowed upon him. 

Giripremi is proud to have such a talented, hard working, and dedicated mountaineer by its side.  

Manaslu Akshay Patke