Smita Kariwadekar Summits Mt. Sudarshan

Following the triumphant ascent of Mount Meru, Giripremi’s ‘P-Cube Mount Sudarshan Expedition,’ an all-women team, etched history in the realm of Indian mountaineering. Scaling the lofty heights of Mount Sudarshan in the Garhwal Himalayas, which stands tall at 6,529 meters, this awe-inspiring accomplishment makes Giripremi’s women’s team the first such team from India. Take a look at the glimpses

Expedition leader Smita Kariwadekar, on the 6th of September at 12:45 PM, proudly unfurled the Indian tricolor and the flag of Maharashtra at the summit of Sudarshan.

Furthermore, the expedition witnessed remarkable achievements by other team members. Purva Shinde, Padmaja Dhanvi, Sneha Gude, and Sneha Talwatkar all achieved altitudes of up to 6,200 meters. However, due to deteriorating weather conditions, they made a prudent decision to descend from a few meters short of the summit, prioritizing the safety of the entire team.

Additionally, Seema Pai, another valiant team member, reached an impressive height of 5,500 meters at Camp 1.

Akhil Katkar a Giripremi’s experienced mountaineer, Lale Thajil Poon, Munindar Rana, and Saurabh Kumar instructors from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, as well as Gyalbo Sherpa, Satyapal, and Ankul supported the expedition’s logistics and administration. Out of which Poon, Gyalbo, Muninder Rana and Saurabh summitted the peak along with team…!!

Congratulations Team..!!!

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